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Backcountry Public Use Cabin and Yurts

Rapids Camp Yurt, photo courtesy of Matt Quaid.  June 2015

Staying at one of our yurts or cabin is a rustic, backcountry hike-to experience.   Each of our overnight facilities is located within 2.5 miles of the Nature Center.  You should take all backpacking essentials, but you won’t need a tent.  Once you reserve with our online system, you will receive an email with parking passes .  PRINT THIS OUT AND HAVE IT WITH YOU DURING YOUR STAY.

This is what each facility has in common:

  • Check-in is at 2pm; Check-out is at Noon (12pm)

  • Wood stove

  • Firewood in a nearby shed

  • Splitting maul, hatchet, ash bucket, broom and dustpan, snow shovel

  • Plywood bunkbeds - NO cushions

  • Table and chairs or bench seating

  • Outhouse

  • Bear-resistant food locker

  • Outdoor fire ring

  • Nearby water source (requires purification)

  • Flip sign for renter to indicated if facility is  “Occupied or Unoccupied”

  • 3-ring binder with information about how to use the woodstove, safety and trail info

  • Pets are allowed, but dogs must be on leash on the Rodak and Albert Loop Trails.  This includes the Iditarod (Crow Pass) Trail from the Nature Center trailhead to the Four Corners junction with the Albert Loop Trail (1 mile from Center)

  • NO bicycles, ATV's or snowmachines allowed on any of the trails.  Foot access only. 

What each facility does not have:

  • Electricity

  • Cell phone or wireless access 

  • Running tap water or plumbing

  • Stove for cooking or boiling water (DO NOT COOK on woodstoves)

  • Fire starter or cut kindling

  • Foam cushions or mattresses for sleeping

  • Insulating factor of each is limited; you will need to keep fire going to keep the facility warm in winter and to expect to wear some layers inside, particularly if temperatures are significantly below freezing


  • $70/night (non-members)

  • $60/night(dues paying members of the Nature Cntr)

Price includes parking passes for up to 4 vehicles. Maximum consecutive stay at one facility is 7 nights.  Facilities may be rented up to 1 year in advance.    Once made, reservations are not refundable and date changes are not allowed We suggest that you pass the reservation on to a friend if you are unable to make it.  Tent camping next to these facilities is prohibited.   Reservations and payment are to be made online (upper right hand bar: Check Availability Calendar)

How each facility differs



Max # people allowed





Distance from Nature Center

1.5 miles

1.75 miles

1.25 miles

2 miles


15 ft x 18 ft

16 ft diameter

14 ft diameter

16 ft diameter
Location of water source

Fresh water pond, about 30 ft from cabin

Eagle River, accessed via trail, about 1/8 mile from yurt

Eagle River, about 30 ft from yurt

Eagle River, about 40 ft from yurt


Log cabin with rough hewn floor

Insulated vinyl fabric with plastic windows/screens

Insulated vinyl fabric with plastic windows/screens

Insulated vinyl fabric with plastic windows & screens


Winter photo of Rapids Camp Yurt courtesy of Kevan Dee.




More Info

Check Availability Calendar

to make your reservation and to see additional photographs of each facility.  PLEASE READ ALL the info to the left before you make a decision to reserve our public use yurts or cabin.  Our rates have increased by $5 in 2016.  We also no longer provide a keyed entry.  Only a lock from the inside.

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